NICOSIA: NeuroImaging COgnition Signal and Image Analysis

External Events

  1. ISBI 2011 in Chicago (see for details)
  2. HBM 2011 in Québec city (see for details)


  • Meeting 09/12/08 13h30 GIN 4th Floor: Selmic & MOBARI Projects (F. Forbes & M. Dojat)
  • Meeting 06/01/09 13h30 GIN 4th Floor: Project S. Achard & C. Delon-Martin
  • Meeting 03/02/09 14h00 GIN 4th Floor: Project Voxel Based Morphometry : Longitudinal Follow-up of Elderly Subjects by Sébastien Celle
  • Meeting 05/11/10 11h00 GIN Kampf Amphitheater: Presentation of new projects and newcomers
  • Meeting 25/01/2011 14h00 GIN Kampf Amphitheater: New methods for fMRI data analysis Programme
  1. 14:00-15:00: cPCA and neuroimaging data, Todd Woodward
  2. 15:00-16:00: MVPA and neuroimaging data, Bertrand Thirion
  3. 16:00-16:15: Break
  4. 16:15-17:15: Connectivity graphs (small world), Sophie Achard
  5. 17:15-17:45: Discussion

Each talk should last approx. 40mn, then a 20mn question-and-answer period.

  • Meeting 18/03/2011 14h00 GIN Kampf Amphitheater:
  1. Differential Connectivity Graph:Application on the Identification of Leading Epileptic Regions by Ladan Amini (GIPSA-Lab) slides
  2. Common Spatial Pattern: Application on the Identification of Brain Regions Involved in Epilepsy by Samareh Samadi (GIPSA-Lab) slides

* Meeting 07/06/2011 11h00 GIN Kampf Amphitheater: Thomas Vincent (LNAO, NeuroSpin). Modèles spatialement adaptatifs pour la détection-estimation conjointe en IRM fonctionnelle cérébrale.

* Meeting 22/06/2011 14h30 GIN Kampf Amphitheater: Radu Horaud (INRIA Montbonnot). Spectral Clustering: Application to fMRI datasets (see Shen & Meyer NeuroIM 08 paper and slides)

* Meeting 14/10/2011 14h00 GIN Kampf Amphitheater: Félix Renard (GIN Eq 5). Création et utilisation d'atlas en IRM de diffusion. Application à l'étude des troubles de la conscience.

* Meeting 24/01/2012 14h00 GIN Kampf Amphitheater: Thomas Zeffiro Neural Systems Group, Massachusetts General Hospital Boston (

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