The Speech perception group of the Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Perception is seeking to fill a 2-year post-doctoral position starting at the earliest in April 2018 to work with Dr Laurianne Cabrera on auditory development and speech-in-noise perception in children with normal hearing and children with hearing loss.
Applications including a cover letter, curriculum vitae and the names of two referees should be sent by December 1st 2017 to Dr Laurianne Cabrera at laurianne.cabrera [at]

This project is funded by the National Research Agency (ANR) and aims to characterize the role of sensory and non-sensory auditory processes involved in the development of speech perception in noise. Using a combination of psycholinguistic and psychophysical paradigms, this project will investigate the dominant factors limiting speech understanding in noise between 6 and 11 years of age.
- Experimental design of the auditory stimuli and of the psychophysical behavioral tasks suitable for children.
- Recruitment of young children with normal-hearing (via schools) and with hearing impairment (via the Hospital, collaboration with ORL service APHP Robert Debré).
- Data collection and analysis.
- Writing up abstracts for international conferences and papers for international peer-reviewed journals.
- PhD degree in psychology, hearing and speech sciences, cognitive sciences or equivalent
- Use of French language fluently (to contact French schools and test young French children)
- Highly motivated to work on an interdisciplinary project (psychoacoustics, psycholinguistics) and collaborate with the various members of the consortium (in Parisian labs, hospitals, schools, but also in the UK and the US).
- Experience with children and with Matlab (sound processing, experimental design) will be highly appreciated
The Speech perception group:
Our group explores the acquisition of various linguistic levels (from auditory to morpho-syntax), from birth to adulthood. We use behavioral (head-turn procedure, eye-tracking, psychophysical tasks) and imaging (ERPs, NIRS) techniques, at the Saint-Pères babylab ( or in hospitals. We aim to identify the interactions between endogenous constraints of cortical development and environmental input, the mechanisms involved in language acquisition, and how early processing abilities are linked to later linguistic achievements. Our group holds weekly scientific meetings and participates to weekly research seminars on various topics of cognitive sciences within the Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Perception ( We are also part of the GDR-development and LABEX EFL ( offering several opportunities for meetings, seminars and collaborations.
Terms of salary and employment:
A 12-month contract will be first established and be renewable up to one year. Salary will depend on the diploma and experience (between 2300-2900€ gross/month).