The scope of the BioComp International Summer School 2017 is to provide an introduction to the realization of bio-inspired computing hardware. Courses will cover all related disciplines: from neuro-inspired nanodevices to computational and cognitive neurosciences, through multifunctional materials, circuits, systems, robotics and machine learning. Speakers will give in half a day the state of the art and challenges in their disciplines, followed by a more precise overview of their current research. The goal of these sessions is to present the different approaches explored today for building neuromorphic hardware, from electronics to neurosciences through physics and nanotechnology. They will set the stage for debating the advantages and limitations of each of these approaches and highlight their convergences.


The school is intended for Ph.D students and post-docs but will also welcome researchers and industrials interested in a broad overview of the field of neuromorphic computing hardware. Speakers will make a special effort to adapt to the multidisciplinary audience.

The school takes place in the biological station of Roscoff, in a privileged protected environment, 200 meters from the sea. The registration fee, moderate thanks to CNRS funding and the support from the school sponsors, cover the full on-site accommodation, meals and social activities, in order to allow for numerous exchanges between students and speakers. The school will thus allow, even outside of classes, to generate new ideas and collaborations.



Due to the limited number of places, we ask participants to fill the application form: Family Name-First Name-BioComp2017 and to send it back before March 17th to: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.. Registration will be effective only once the application has been accepted by the Scientific Committee. Feedback will be given to all participants before the end of March.


The registration fee covers on-site accomodation and all meals.
- Undergraduate, Ph.D students and post-docs : 350 €
- Academic staff (university and governement) : 400 €
- Industrial staff : 550 €


Confirmed invited speakers
- Chloé-Agathe Azencott, Mines ParisTech, France, Machine Learning and applications to genomics
- Geoffrey W. Burr, IBM Almaden Research Center, USA, Memristive neuromorphic hardware
- Elisabetta Chicca, Cognitive Interaction Technology Center of Excellence, Bielefeld Universit, Germany, Neuromorphic electronic circuits for building autonomous cognitive systems
- Steve Furber, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK, SpiNNaker: ARM system-on-chip architecture
- Konstantin K. Likharev, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University, USA, Nanoelectronic/Superconductive Neuromorphic Networks
- Jean-Pascal Pfister, University of Zurich and ETH, Switzerland, Learning and inference at the level of single synapses and spiking neurons
- Panayiota Poirazi, Computational Biology Laboratory, Heraklion, Greece, Computational neuroscience: the role of dendrites in learning and memory
- Gregor Schöner, Institut für Neuroinformatik, Germany, Cognition in embodied and situated nervous systems
- Rufin VanRullen, CerCo, France, Brain oscillations and perception

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