The main goal of this meeting is to allow a fruitful discussion between philosophers and psychologists on episodic memory. It will focus on the underlying mechanisms and the core concepts of this phenomenon. The Self-Knowledge and Self-Concept, the relation with autobiographical memory, the link with spatial processing, the perception of time and the nature of re-experiencing will be presented from both perspectives. The meeting consists of invited lectures and poster sessions.

The workshop will be held at the "Maison des Sciences de l'Homme-Alpes", Grenoble Campus.

Invited speakers :
Emmanuel Barbeau (CERCO-CNRS, Toulouse), Annik Charnallet (CHU de Grenoble, LPNC-CNRS), Jérôme Dokic (EHESS/Institut Jean Nicod/ENS, Paris), Jordi Fernandez (Department of Philosophy, The University of  Adelaide),  Alice Gomez (Neurospin- INSERM, Paris), Christoph Hoerl (Department of Philosophy, The University of Warwick), Robert Hopkins (Department of Philosophy, The University of Sheffield), Denis Perrin (Université de Grenoble, PLC/IUF), Pascale Piolino (Université Paris Descartes, LMC-INSERM/IUF), Stéphane Rousset (Université de Grenoble, LPNC-CNRS), John Zeimbekis (Université de Grenoble, PLC/ Institut Jean Nicod)


Organizing committee :

Laboratoire Philosophie, Langages & Cognition : Denis Perrin
Laboratoire de Psychologie et NeuroCognition : Stéphane Rousset